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Entity Framework requires you to define an order for the key properties. You can do this by using the Column annotation to specify an order. Entity Framework allows your entities to have composite keys - that's a key that is made up of more than one property. For example, you could have a BlogSettings entity that represents a users settings for a particular blog.

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1. EF multiple foreign key relationship on same primary key. 0.

Ef composite key

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Ef composite key

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Ef composite key

Entity Framework requires you to define an order for the key properties.
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The default Code First convention look for a property named "Id", or a combination of "class name" and "Id", such as BookId.; This property will map to a primary key column in the database. Composite keys in EF CodeFirst. It is not very often a case that you need composite key in your db, but when you have such domain then you cannot make a good model if your orm tool does not support composite keys.

Entity Framework Key. Key. The Key attribute can be applied to a property to make it a key property in an entity class and the corresponding column to a primary key column in the database.